UAP200 Universal Accessory Pack


The Universal Accessory Pack provides an extra set of hi-fidelity speakers and wide range of mounting hardware so you can use your HBC200 series controller or PLUS series controller with a second helmet or on a pair of goggles. Mounting hardware works with most motorcycle, snowmobile, snowboard, and ski helmets.

Embedded within each speaker is UCLEAR’s military proven boomless microphone and patented beam forming technology that isolates your voice and eliminates background noise so you can be heard in even the most extreme environment.

Compatable with: HBC200, HBC220 FORCE & HBC100 PLUS

Kit Includes

  • Hi-fidelity stereo speakers with embedded microphones
  • 4 – Mounting brackets for motorcycle/snow helmets and goggles to fit HBC200/220 products
  • Goggle attachment clip
  • Side mounted helmet strap clip
  • AC/USB charger
  • 18” extension cord that works with the 200 series
  • 2 – Velcro Speaker Attachments
  • Microphone alignment insert (stencil)
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